DIY and Dr Seuss

Have you ever had one of those kinda lazy ass days? That’s me today. BUT I’ve had WAY worse lazy ass days than this … I actually did get some things done so far today but had the least amount of enthusiasm about doing them. I went to a neighbourhood Boot Camp to support a friend and charity (so really worth it , a win-win and even fun), but I could have just as easily stayed in my bed. I went to the Home and Garden store to buy plants (which I despise doing… it is so overwhelming for me!) and came home and repotted some beautiful flowers into my window box which now I am pretty sure are dead. Sigh. I am in the middle of the never ending laundry and making dog food… (yes, I make my dogs’ food, spoiled rotten little mongrels) and my house looks like maybe a tornado was through it while I was out doing squats this morning. I’m not even gonna mention my hair. sniff. I am tempted to find a moment or two to do some painting but since I know I have too much to do that everyone in my family seems to feel is important, like laundry, dinner making, driving to activities, I will just talk about it instead. Even that makes my heart sing a little.

I saw a quote on Pinterest, I think, from Dr. Seuss that I liked and thought would go nicely in my library so I bought some wood, stencils, used a palette knife and some paint and just did it up myself one day. If you look closely you can see imperfections but I am okay with that because who ever looks that closely? Using the palette knife let some of the wood grain show through as opposed to when I tried using a brush and got only annoying brush strokes…..

even if you’re having a lazy ass day, do something that makes your heart sing, even just a little.



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