DREAM ON – dream until your dream comes true

So finally it happened. I’ve always wanted to see Aerosmith, always had a little bit of a thing for Steven Tyler. There is something about the guy…. nobody can pull off that style and he is entertaining beyond belief. While we were in Maui where he has a home, I thought wouldn’t it be great to run into him here, as I’ve heard he is approachable and genuine. (No , I am NOT a stalker… really!!!) Alas it didn’t happen for me but only three days after we left, my girlfriend who was still vacationing in MAui (and who was at this concert with me) sent me this picture
Well, let me tell you, I could have died – how many times had I been in that same health food store?? Why not that day? Sigh… so close. I began to think that at least I might get to see Aerosmith in concert if they tour again so I looked them up and sure enough a tour was planned. The closest concert to us here in Kelowna was at the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington so I bought tickets and waited in anticipation. I was dragging two other couples along with us so was really hoping it was going to be a good show.
Three days before the Gorge show, Aerosmith cancelled their California concert due to illness (drummer Joey Kramer had some minor heart issues) and it wasn’t looking good for the Washington show but at the last minute Jesse Kramer (the drummer’s son) stepped in for him and “saved the day”. I started painting a picture of Steven Tyler and decided that I was going to take it to the concert and have him sign it for me. RIGHT. The fact that we didn’t have front row seats did cross my mind, but, hey, you never know. Just before Aerosmith came out on stage, my two girlfriends and I just nonchalantly found a few empty seats in the second row and since they weren’t checking tickets yet, sat down. We let everyone around us know that we were only trying to get this painting signed and everyone was all for it . A couple of songs in, my friend noticed that there were 3 empty seats right in front of the stage (2nd row) and so we moved over. It just kept getting better! By the time the encore was about to begin, I was so happy about having watched the whole concert from the 2nd row, that I would have been ok (disappointed, yes, but OK) with not getting my painting signed. I mean, how lucky could I really get, anyway? Just ahead of us in the front row was a guy who turned around and said, “you girls jump up here and you can have my spot – uhhh, stars aligning…… So we did just that. So there we were, front row, and the next thing you know Steven Tyler was grabbing my painting and I was somewhere in lala land. I mean really, 25,000 people and one signature…Cool. Below is the video as many of you will have seen as I posted it the next day on FB. Usually I am not such a nut about this kinda thing, and really am not a groupie! But it just strikes me as unreal that exactly what I had planned to happen, actually happened! What were the chances? So, moral of this story is… DREAM ON, people, Dream until your dream comes true. YES!
If you go to 7:50 on the video below you can watch the 15 seconds that have made me a raving idiot for the last week…..

and here are a few pics we got from our seats and below is a picture that someone who was at the concert sent me after she saw my post about it on Instagram…. social media can be an awesome thing.

Aero blog

The girls with Steven behind us..

after the show…


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