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My tribute – Kelowna Art and Photography


Well, we’ve lost a really good one. Again. It’s so sad to me that some of the most talented, brilliant people on this earth are plagued with such a despairing disease that would take them away from giving the gifts they so beautifully shared with the world. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was another. There are many, too many,  people living with depression and addictions. Robin Williams always made me laugh, but when I saw him in Vegas on my 40th birthday, it was really an eye opener as to how talented he was. It was a stand up comedy show and the tickets were so expensive but we thought, “when will we ever get to see Robin Williams again?” . The show was amazing! We laughed non stop, until our insides hurt. Brilliant. It is sad to think that even these celebrities with the love of so many , their fame and fortune, and access to everything (it would seem) still can’t get out from under their disease. Maybe it even makes it harder. Who knows, but much more is to be learned about mental illness and its long past due. My inside hurt again these days, but not in the good way. RIP Robin Williams. You were loved.

On another note, my website/blog was down for about a week. I am just finally getting back at it. Technology is great when it is working smoothly but, damn, it’s frustrating when it isn’t! So to catch up on a couple of things I have done in the meantime, below is a painting I did from a reference photo from a shoot I did a couple years back. It’s a totally different look from the photograph, of course, but perhaps something someone might put on their bedroom wall if they thought it too vain to put up their own photograph? What do you think? Stay tuned.

photo 1

Below is the raggy quilt that I had cut out over the winter and finally got around to sewing together. It is meant to live in my library room with the fireplace, cozy couch and warm cream colours…. mmmmmmhhhhhhh – my happy place. Almost makes me look forward to the winter… but not quite! I’m off now to tend to the usual household duties of laundry and prepping dinner…. what shall it be tonight? My dad picked me up some Peaches and Cream corn the other day….that sounds good. Laters.