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Who loves Mondays? I don’t mind them once I’m up and going, but Monday does get a bad wrap around here. Maybe it is because I love the weekends when Gary is home and even though we might have to spend it doing yard work, it is something we can do together. When Monday rolls around, off he goes to work and the usual routine starts again (which reminds me- I have to throw the laundry in the dryer…) and we look forward to Friday again. Nothing new or out of the ordinary for everyone, everywhere.   I read a post from someone who suggested that if you hate Mondays you should plan something for that day that you love, so that you can look forward to and enjoy all of your Mondays from now on. Maybe it’s a morning coffee with a friend, lunch date with hubby, early morning paddle board before work… whatever it may be, you should look forward to it and do it on that day. Simple enough, I guess, but I don’t know. Waking up on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday is just plain better and always will be. Sorry Monday.



The moon one night from our front yard… spooky.



This painting was inspired by a Saskatoon artist whose work is so fun and makes me smile. Denyse Klette is her name and you should check her out. I thought of my friend and I paddle boarding last summer and came up with this scenario which is not far from the truth. Colleen can indeed do a headstand on her paddle board … and I would most certainly fall off mine!

Happy Monday everyone!

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