Things to do inside when it’s hot – Kelowna heatwave

So It’s been hot here in Kelowna. We’ve been waiting for the heat to arrive and now it’s here. Full on. So what do we do? COMPLAIN that it’s too hot! We humans, we can’t make up our minds (well, some of us anyway ). If you know me at all, you know that I am terrible at focusing on any one thing for very long. I have a million and six things I want to do and sometimes even try doing more than a few at once ( ask hubby – it boggles his mind that I can be reading one minute and then sketching and then playing my guitar, all while dinner is getting ready, and likely I am feeding Ben during this time, too.) I don’t sit idle well. The hands and brain must be engaged. ADHD they call that now? I might have been diagnosed as a kid.

I have  been at home for the last three days because when it is super hot like it has been, I like to keep Ben close to the air conditioned reprieve of our house. He doesn’t regulate well, and often times the heat can bring on a seizure. Jordan is away at camp, so it has just been Ben and I during the day and it has been rather delightful, actually. Don’t get me wrong, I miss Jordan’s little face but not having to be dragged out of the house to go to the beach, or, worse, the mall, has been ok too. I have busied myself with laundry and the usual household chores but also with a good book, a latte on my patio with a friend, a couple mornings out on the paddle board (before Gary left for work – damn that’s early), and hanging with my boy.

So today, I decided to sew. Yup. I haven’t sewn in years but because I’m at home and have read, sketched and latte’d myself out the last couple of days, it was time for something new. Sigh. I had picked up some material at Fabricland’s  moving sale so had everything I needed to whip up this little shirt which I fashioned after one that I had bought in Maui. Pretty sure this one cost me 500 times less than that one. Now I have to admit, I had already last week had Gary’s mom (who is a seamstress by trade) give me a little lesson on how to thread the machine, bobbin, etc and so on, as it had been so long, I was sure I wouldn’t remember. It came back but I made sure to videotape her every move on my iPhone so as to never forget again ( or at least the next time I sew, which will probably be in another 10 years). Whadya think? Would you be seen in this? Easy peazy lemon squeezy. Seriously, a five year old could sew this so I am not looking for praise, haha! Just a seam here and there and whalla!

Hope you are all out doing whatever you do. Later.




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