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Happy, happy , happy, no?


I was reading our local news online yesterday and saw that a local lady had made a video to the tune of and in a similar way of the song  “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Try listening to this and see if you can not start tapping your foot or singing  along… dancing even ( that’s what I do.. can’t help it!) Happy official video

So this local gal wanted to showcase Kelowna as one of the “happiest” places around, so made this video, to this tune…..Kelowna Happy Video

I thought this was great and good on her…… great song, fun video, how can this not make you smile (at least a little???) But, as I looked through some of the comments left by people about the video, I was really saddened by the amount of negativity to come out of such a fun bit of entertainment. All about Kelowna being a lame place to live, snobby, rude people, about the video being stupid, and on and on. Sheeeesh. “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” was a comment I read from someone who feels much the same as I do. Where are people’s manners? We are Canadian, after all….. if nothing, we have manners!!! Well, just my two cents but, I though the gal did a fun thing and darn , I don’t know why she didn’t ask ME to dance in her video!!

There are rude, snobby people everywhere…… you get what you give. It pays to be happy!