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my right brain playground

Ohhhh, it’s chilly out there today. But the sun is a-shinin’ and it looks spectacular. So, I guess I need to look on the bright side, quit my whining and get on with it.

I’m sad about the loss of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I ‘m not going to say more than that, because I just can’t imagine or pretend to know what it must be like to be so enslaved to the need to take drugs. I thought he was a great actor and wish he could have found a way to continue… he was only 46. What a shame.

I played with charcoal today – usually I use graphite because it is so neat but today I ventured into the mess that is charcoal and found it surprisingly enjoyable…. even though I had to wash my hands repeatedly and even got it on my face at one point. I might get into it. You can cover a large area quickly and it seems a bit more freeing than what I have been doing.

Keep warm , talk soon:)

Charcoal nude