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Headline – Barking Drives Woman Insane

OH my GOD! Our dog has been barking for days. Days, I tell you. Every day, all gall darn day. There has been an increase, it seems, to the number of deer in our front (and back) yard these days and he just can’t control himself. He is practically foaming at the mouth. He jumps up on our window seats, knocking every pillow onto the floor, sticking his wet nose against the windows so that I’m cleaning windows every day. His barking, in turn, starts our other, less annoying dog (Piper) barking. She can’t actually jump up to see what he is barking at, so hers only lasts a little while before she gets bored and goes back to lay down. But not Leo. He does everything he can possibly do to scare away those deer. (and they are soooo afraid of him, lol….staring him down through the windows and then lying down to rest on the front lawn) It drives him mad, and in turn the barking drives me mad. Oh what to do? We have tried barking collars. He barks through them. We have tried squirting water at him when he barks but it is short lived…. he doesn’t learn. Anyone have any tips? He is no longer a puppy, at 7 years old, and is a smart little thing, but I’m sure his goal in life is to ruin mine. We must keep him in our room at night or he will bark at anything that goes on outside all night long…… CRAZY, I tell you.

Moving on….. we have been in the process of planning our new build and it is getting to the point where I can imagine the way it will feel. I am quite excited especially about the elevator and the fact that we will no longer have to lift Ben into and out of his chair, bed, etc. Although there is an expectation of a little snow today, the feel of spring has been in the air with the warm temperatures lately and I can’t help but get excited about breaking ground.

Um, also, it bugs me when people don’t proofread their blogs/websites and spell words wrong.  Is it too much to ask?

Sheesh. Anyone else having issues this morning?

I’m kidding… (kind of).

Have a great Tuesday and if you happen to be in the market for a dog, I might just know where you can get one.