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Sitting too much is the new smoking?

Probably true. Maybe this isn’t new but hearing it put that way today while I was at my yoga class made me think about how much time I spend sitting. Luckily, I am not at a job where I have to sit all day, and even when I was working in the lab, you were always up and down, moving constantly. Other jobs included chambermaid for a hotel in Banff (cleaning, making beds), gas attendant and cashier (standing and walking back and forth, stocking shelves), shooter girl (thank god that one was short lived – never got to sit), teaching fitness classes ( well that’s obvious), and now my full time job would be taking care of my Benny (lifting often – this will change with the new house) and painting. I tend to stand when I paint or airbrush, unless i’m doing watercolour. During the day I am not one to sit around but come evening you can find me quite happily cozy on the couch with a book or my laptop, and most likely some kind of snack:)

Today is no different. Right now – cozy on the couch with the ol’ laptop. No snack though….yet. But earlier today I was active. The day started by taking Ben swimming at the H2O for a couple of hours, followed by a good sweaty yoga class (in which handstands happened), and then this afternoon I did a few rounds of circuit training at home. Now I sit, feeling the muscles that are tired from more movement in one day than I have been doing in awhile…. felt good tho, while it was happening.

Booked in on Wednesday for Physio (I’ve got a hip flexor tendonitis or some crazy thing happening that I need to attend to). It has been irritating me for 6 months probably but I just kept putting it off thinking I would heal myself on my own… ha! That doesn’t tend to happen so much anymore…. i’m looking forward to the pleasurable pain that kneading and digging into my hip will bring….

I never have smoked, darn it and now I can’t sit.