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buying some dirt

Gary and I are now the proud owners of 0.4 acres of dirt, just down the road from our place. The possession date was today at noon, and I suggested to Gary that we should take a bottle of wine and have a picnic on our new lot but, not only was it rainy and cold, he didn’t get the romantic gesture I was trying to make.  I guess it isn’t the first time we have bought a vacant lot…. actually it is the 4th.

We have built 3 times before since we’ve been married, and renovated our present home fully, so maybe it just doesn’t seem that romantic anymore… is probably just a bonus that we are still married after all of that!

Now there is the little matter of selling our home. Once that is done, we can get down to business planning out the home we will build to suit Ben’s needs. ( and the rest of ours) What I need from you guys is any advice on your favourite things about your own home…… do you use the reading nook in your bedroom? Do you ever actually close that barn door or is it just expensive decor? In floor heat? Induction heat stove? Natural gas? Built in coffee makers? One thing I know is that I love the look of a window seat, but have never been comfortable sitting in one, so…. no more window seats. I also thought about a large laundry area, but then, if I know me, and I do know me pretty well by now… I will fold my laundry wherever the rest of my family is….same with reading…. I used to think I would sit alone in a quiet cozy nook to read, but no…. I sit where the family is watching noisy TV because it’s where I want to be….. after 3 builds and a reno, I have figured out a few things (like a smaller bedroom and a larger closet, definite heated floors in the bathroom…) but there will be things I don’t think about even though I’ve got plenty of time…… throw it at me people …..  thoughts welcome!

On another note, Charles Manson died today. Normally I don’t like Mondays.

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