Alone with my latte

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My morning routine has become a favourite part of my day. I admit, getting out of bed can be tough these days as the summer months have coddled me, allowing me extra time to lie in, slowly waking for the day. Once I am up though, it is straight to the coffee machine. I had never even drank coffee until I was in my thirties. Even now, I don’t know what it is about the drink that feels like a treat, and that is even without the sugar that I usually only reserve for when I am having a friend over for coffee….. I like mine with just a bit of milk most days, and an extra treat is a cappuccino – oh the foam!  The little things- thank goodness for them and their way of making you happy! I had a coffee date planned this morning with a new friend I had met while taking an art class this winter. She  comes from Olds, Alberta, and has the most beautiful children ( close in age to Jordan).  Her youngest broke his arm yesterday so the coffee will have to wait til next week but in preparation, I decided to stock up on Starbucks syrups (I even painted chalk paint on these little bottles to house it and keep it right out by my coffee maker so that I would remember to use it up…. how could one forget?) Then I got to thinking maybe this wasn’t such a great idea…. I mean, can you see how much syrup that is ? I am the only coffee drinker in the house. I’m gonna have to invite people over daily to use this up.  Or get Jordan drinking steamers – there’s a thought. Either way, everything in moderation is my motto.  Did anyone else watch The Fifth Estate last week, reporting that sugar was the enemy, causing heart disease and cancers?  Knowing me, I will do my best to cut down on it, then binge awhile, then cut down….repeat,  hehe.  One can only try.

Today there will be a little more routine in our house – nope, school is still not in, but Jordan has an hour with a tutor, piano practise, an hour of running and then piano theory class. The busiest day since school should have started last Tuesday. It is hard to get into any sort of routine when you don’t have to rush to get up, have breakfast, BE anywhere. If I were smarter, (and more motivated) I would plan somethings for the mornings to get us going, but who am I kidding? My coffee calls and everyone is happy having a couple extra hours to ease into things. I’m going to enjoy the ease of it all, all the while hoping that school will start again soon, and our kids will get back to see their friends, back to learning and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

I’ve had my coffee. perhaps a second cup…. then it’s time to go and wake up the house!


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