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Art at the coffee shop

  1. I am grateful for dragging my butt to yoga this morning.
  2. I am grateful (this sounds bad but..) that my hubby is home on a sick day cuz I get to spend more time with him:)
  3. I am grateful that I don’t have to do any after school driving today.
  4. I am grateful for some new creative ideas that have popped into my head ( we’ll see where that goes….)
  5. i am grateful for coffee. Yup. Really.

There ya go. My 5 things for today. Sometimes it isn’t so easy to think of five things that are very exciting. Sometimes these 5 things will be very plain and simple….. often, I suspect. Maybe that is not a bad thing, right? Being grateful for those simple pleasures, like coffee and yoga, that bring you peace and pampering, are the exact things one should be grateful for. So yeah.

I have been really fortunate to have our local little coffee shop, Joe Buds, hang my art on their walls. I was painting up a storm before I left for holidays before Christmas, and now have had to push myself to get back to the airbrush. In Maui, I was able to do a couple of photo shoots, and have been spending time editing, and doing a good deal of playing around with ideas with photoshop but I need to get back to the airbrush. I always feel like I need hours and hours of “free time” to start a project, get right into it, make headway. But really, I think that might just be a way of procrastinating (since it’s rare that I will have hours and hours without something needing doing). Once I begin, it is easy. Actually beginning is the hard part.  One of my intentions this year was to paint more, perhaps set aside time every few days to paint, and only paint. Not doing so well with that one yet……

If you haven’t been in to Joe Buds in the past little while, go in, have a yummy caffeinated drink and let me know what you think of some of my work. Maybe it will help get me motivated. Unless you think it sucks…… then maybe not, lol! In that case, just enjoy your coffee.Untitled-7Untitled-5