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Seriously GOOD Cookies

My friend and neighbour brought over a few cookies that she had made from an old recipe. I fell in love with them in an instant.. this isn’t hard for me. I love a good cookie… or any cookie, really. They are packed full of nuts and goodness. They are easy to make and the best thing?? The recipe makes enough so that I can’t possibly ( even me, major cookie lover that I am, and lacking in self control where cookies and nibs are involved) eat them all in one sitting. I give it a good go though…..

So I “borrowed” the recipe, changed it up just a little…. only because I didn’t have soy milk and don’t particularly like raisins in my cookies and walla…… adding to my favourite recipes section of my blog. Well deserved. Thanks Shauna!!!!

Make ’em, eat ’em, love ’em.

Here’s the link..Cosmic Cookies