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Why is it that when the kids don’t have school, and I don’t have to get up in the morning, that I actually wake up earlier than usual? I was looking forward to sleeping in a little today.. maybe til at least 8….but my eyes flew open at 6:30 ( earlier than I usually drag my rump outta bed) and there I was, thinking. That was it… I started THINKING. About what, I don’t even know…….the fact that I think I might be coming down with a cold, maybe about doing some painting today, finances, yoga class, my sore abs and shoulders…. who knows? As mundane as my thoughts may have been, they were enough to keep me from settling back in to my cozy bed. Nope, I’m up and drinking hot lemon water, figuring I’ll write a little and then get down to painting before Ben wakes up and the day really starts.

I was at a Lebanese cooking class the other night. We made 6 dishes ( or actually we watched them being made) and ate them along with a glass of white wine. It was fabulous. I brought home the recipes and plan to make a few of them this weekend. Everything was simple and quick, with ingredients that you could easily buy. Quick and easy. That’s what I’m about these days.

I’ve been a bit stalled in my decluttering process, I must admit. I got through the books and am now onto papers…. well, we have so many papers that are filed every which way (and not filed, just cluttering up drawers and nooks and corners), not knowing whether they really need kept, should be shredded….ugh. I am stuck here. This makes my eyes glaze over thinking about going through all of that mess. On the other hand, thinking about making sense of all of that mess does sound appealing. But, alas, it is for another day because it is Friday , and to heck if that is how I am spending it! That’s a mid week job. As a matter of fact, we have dinner reservations tonight and then are going to a little event put on by the Yoga studio I go to (it is their 5 Year anniversary). It’s date night and that doesn’t happen as often as it should, so whatever sniffles and stuffiness I am feeling right now better go away before tonight. But when we do date night, we do it well… staying overnight at a little hotel down the road, breakfast in the am. MAYBE I’ll be able to sleep in tomorrow a bit…..?

Alright, time for a quick coffee and then off to finish off a painting that I have been ignoring for a couple of weeks…..

Here are the 5 things I am grateful for today (almost forgot!)

  1. The kids have the day off and I do not have to go anywhere this morning!!
  2. It’s Friday and I love Fridays.
  3. There is hardly any snow on the ground.
  4. I’m feeling motivated to paint
  5. my house only needs minimal cleaning today:)

And there you have it. Short and sweet. Enjoy the weekend, lovelies.