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rainy days and lattes

I’m loving this rain right now….. although it did put a damper on the photo shoot that was scheduled for this morning, and we’ve had to reschedule, the ground is eagerly drinking it up and so am I. I am hoping that Fort McMurray will see some of this rain and soon.

Since I headed out to 6 am yoga class this morning in the rain, sweated the bejeezus outta me, I am home now enjoying a latte and some editing from Monday’s photo shoot with Crystal… cutest girl in every way. I am filling a portfolio of reference photos to use for my artwork and she did not disappoint. Beautiful red hair, flowing waves, can’t wait to get in the studio.  I have one huge commissioned painting to finish up (almost there!) and another smaller one on the go before I can get into some new stuff. It is hard to concentrate on one thing at a time for me and that has always been my way…. somewhat all over the place, I am. That’s OK. I get ‘er done most of the time, no matter what way I go about it, so no worries.


I have to tell you all about The Okanagan Airbrush Experience coming to our own little Kelowna. In case you have ever had any interest in the art of airbrushing, keep your eyes and ears open for the upcoming workshops by the ever so talented Paul Butvila. Check out Okanagan Airbrush Experience Facebook page for updates on upcoming classes from beginner to advanced. Yup. Do it. If you want. I think you should. What can it hurt?

I’m gone. Laters.