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My Collection of “happy”

I’ve taken some time of late and rebranded my website and blog. I had fallen off of the blogging wagon for a good few months, feeling that perhaps I didn’t have a lot to say that anyone would care to read. My big sister, of course, insists that she loves to read my blog posts, but she is my big skin and blister and what are they for, if not encouragement and doting?  So I’ve decided to get back to the blog, make time for one of the very things that I enjoy, and add it to my list of “happy”.

My list is long. I am lucky in that regard. I have seriously a zillion things that I have tried, would love to try, or am planning to try, that interest me. My husband says I lack the “focus” gene, but really, isn’t life just too short not to do all of the things that you think you might enjoy? That’s what I’m thinking.

My list of happy includes cream in my morning coffee (sometimes even whipping cream… oh yes). It includes pretty papers, pen and ink, watercolour. Books are a favourite. My guitars, my harmonica (even tho I can barely play it), music theory (haha, can you say nerd?). Lessons…. learning…. just keep it coming.

My list isn’t all material things, though…. no, no. I am rich in having “collected” some of my most favourite people in my life, with whom I feel safe and heard, supported and understood. There are many laughs. There is the practice of yoga, there is running with a friend, and especially the coffee and visit afterward. There is the feeling of being uniquely “me” and that being enough. That hasn’t always been enough. There have been tears as well, but also growth. Huge growth. There have been things that have made me realize what to sit and take notice of. Oh, it’s a journey that I feel privileged  to be on.