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Well, Happy 2016!

As often happens in January, people make resolutions and get all hyped up to improve every darn thing they see needing improving in the year to follow. Yup, I’m doing that. And, like people do, I will fall short of my goals this year as I do every year. Once again, I am going to try to get myself into the habit of keeping this blog updated. There is absolutely no reason I can’t do it, as I love to blab on about things no one cares about…. and I love to take and edit photos. Couldn’t be a better match. I have also decided to begin each post with 5 things I am grateful for, if only to remind myself as often as I can that I have it good, should be thankful, and I ‘ve heard it mentioned that it is a great way to focus on the positives in our lives and simply experience the most happiness one can by doing a relatively easy exercise.

Having explained that, here are my 5 things:

  1. I am grateful for my hot yoga class this morning. OMG I missed it while away in Maui! I went to some great classes there as well but nothing like coming home to your own yoga community.
  2. I am grateful that I remembered how to post a new recipe on this blog. Here’s that:       ‘Nuf said.
  3. I am OH SO GRATEFUL that my plane did not fall out of the sky on our way home from Maui. Serious. Perhaps that should be number one.
  4. I am grateful for friends and neighbours who welcomed us home with pizza, visits, wine and laughter.
  5.  I am grateful to have experienced the amazing David Bowie in concert before he passed. RIP.

I have other things that I am going to be working on this year as well, of course. Pretty much the same things as I try to do always but think I should do better. Carve out more time for artwork. Work on my yoga- I want to improve my inversions this year – can you believe I can’t stand on my head? LOSER! LOL!!!! Spend less money on things I don’t need… there’s a good one…. just came back from Maui… how do ya think that went? Also I am going to declutter my closet and the rest of my house. YES I AM! Don’t roll your eyes and laugh knowingly. I am reading that book – you know the one – everyone knows the one (and believes it really can work!) Humour me. I am also going to play my guitar and sing more, to the point where I don’t always need my songbooks with me. That will be a feat in itself. I could go on and on. Seriously though, I am taking each one of my goals lightly and using them as a way to organize my busy, chaotic mind so that perhaps every so often I will remember to take a little more time to do the things I enjoy. How about you? How is your 2016 going to look?