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Happy St. Paddy’s day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Did you remember to wear green? By some stroke of luck, the first thing I put on this morning was green and I didn’t even have to think about it. LOVE not having to think too hard first thing in the morning. Did I mention that I slept in today? YES…… til 8 am. A whole extra hour. I did contemplate lying in bed even longer as there was no one that needed me to get up….. Gary was already off to work, Jordan was at a sleepover and Benny boy slept until 9:30… but I’m not really good at lying around once I’ve woken up. I feel as though I might miss something so I need to get up and go ( even if I have nowhere to go….) So I got up. I used my hour and a half to myself nice and selfishly, by drinking tea, perusing Facebook and the news online and listening to a quiet house. Did I mention I love Spring Break? I don’t think I did. I LOVE Spring Break.

It’s a gorgeous day out there today and I should get out to walk the dogs and get a bit of fresh air but Ben’s wheelchair stinks when it comes to pushing it on the road so I am thinking about trying to find a type of stroller with big wheels (but not TOO big) that will be easy to push him around in and possibly travel with, as it looks as though we might make a little trip out to Saskatchewan this summer for a friend’s wedding. THAT is the longest sentence ever. and I am too lazy to go back and fix it. Deal with it.

Got in some airbrushing today…. trying to get to know the workings of the airbrush so that I can fix any little blips that come up. Today was pretty good, for the most part, as I was trying to concentrate on learning how to do hair….. I still need to touch a few things up on this (like her wonky eye…. lol) but I had had enough by this point . I photographed this girl a couple of years ago and thought she’d make a good subject to practise on. Might add some colour… don’t know yet.

So no green beer for me today, but maybe I’ll make everyone eat spinach salad for dinner. When can you if not today?