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iPhone Friday ( Saturday and Sunday!!)

I had planned to go into my studio /art/ gym area on Friday and do some more airbrushing, but my boy Ben decided that he wanted a day off from school, so conveniently had a seizure (he really knows what works on me……). I kept him home but then could not spray paint around with him beside me so I stayed downstairs and we hung out together all day. Nice……the day was kinda rainy and I felt content to be inside. I caught up on laundry and Ellen, played guitar, played with Ben….. great day. I started doodling and before I knew it , had doodled a full page of random things…….. I was kind of inspired by some art that I had seen this week and thought if I can’t get upstairs, I’ll just do what I can. I apologize for the crappy, blurry photos below……. Gary is always complaining that I have X thousand dollars worth of camera equipment and gear, but I still, more often than not, use my 5 mp iPhone camera! It’s handy, what can I say?


Saturday night, Gary and I took Jordan and a friend to the movie “Non-Stop” where Liam Neeson is a US Air Marshall and must deal with someone murdering someone on the plane every 20 minutes. If you know me at all, you can see why this was the most stupid thing for me to agree to…… not a big fan of flying, nor watching a plane getting a hole blown into the side of it, etc….. sheesh. Everyone else thought it was great. And Sunday, Gary and I took Ben out for breakfast while Jordan slept in. She’s not even 12 and I swear she could sleep for Canada! Below (the lovely low resolution iPhone pic) is one of 9 deer who strolled through our yard today. Everyone’s just out enjoying the spring weather!

photo copy 2