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if you could read my mind….

Well, who would have thunk it? I always knew who Gordon Lightfoot was, but can honestly say, never considered myself a fan. I mean, he has been at his career longer than I have been alive. As a teenager and young adult, I wouldn’t have listened (by choice) to his folk music, opting instead for the good old music from the seventies and eighties. Yet, how is it, that I was able to sing along, word for word, to many of the songs he sang last night? I guess, as a Canadian, his music is ingrained in me somewhere. I never knew that he had so many songs that I would know or that he had songs recorded by Elvis, himself,  and many other well known artists.

I can honestly say, when he walked out on stage I thought he could be about 100 years old. He looked frail. The crowd welcomed him like an old friend. When he began to sing, his voice was quieter than I expected, but familiar in every way. He was given three standing ovations. He was funny, engaged and very matter of fact. He excused himself when he had to clear his throat offstage, no airs and graces there. The Kelowna Community Centre is such a personal venue, it felt like he could have been in some small town bar, with the crowd bantering back and forth with him. My dad enjoyed it I think (they are near the same age).

I can appreciate most kinds of music and I really enjoyed listening to his band play. I absolutely love great singer-songwriters. If I could live another life, I would have chosen to be a singer songwriter…. i think that would be a satisfying career, to write and sing music. I absolutely am not saying that I have the talent for this but if I could have done anything, this would have been it. They are my favourite. Hands down. SO there ya go. I enjoyed it. And here is an icon of another sort….. Have a great day !