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artists’ bio

Last night I attended a talk which touched on many aspects of being an artist, selling your work, social media, connecting with others, etc. One of the interesting topics (to me) was the Artist’s Bio. The dreaded bio. The few paragraphs that you leave until the very last possible moment to write …. cringing with every sappy detail that comes to your mind, reading and rereading, wanting to represent your true self (but OH thats so boring) and not wanting to sound self obsessed (all about me!). Sigh. Yuk.

I have written a few website artist bios. When I began my first website many years ago when I was doing photography, it was a regular, no fooling around, serious bio. Then i revamped that website when I began to focus on Boudoir and made it a little more fun and sassy, listing things about me, that were random, like the fact that I love ice cream. (also…perhaps boring?) Back and forth I went each time I would update my site, about the darn artist bio. In my most recent bio (the one you can see on this site) I stayed away from too much personal information and focussed more on my style of artwork and what brought me here…. but I miss the fun personal stuff. I know when I read a bio, I am interested in what brought the artist to the place he/she is now but also enjoy a light look at that artist as a person. Hmmmmm, I feel another revamping coming…..

What do you think? What kind of bios interest you? Do you even read them? Does any of this even matter?? No, not in the real world, with all of the horrible things happening around this earth, but in my own little world, where I can have a little ounce of control…… what do ya think?


Oh jeez, and Happy Halloween!!