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My art crush – Amy Petty

I sit here this morning listening to the music of Amy Petty, a singer/songwriter whose music I was introduced to through Facebook…. sometimes I love FB, and to think, I was going to quit it once……?

Her music reminds me a bit of Sarah McLaughlin, Colbie Caillat or Sarah Harmer,soulful and beautiful. Take a listen if you feel like… she’s my art crush for today. I just downloaded some of her songs from iTunes and I’m afraid I’m hooked.

Has everyone been glued to the TV these days watching the Olympics? I am loving it. Its not particularly conducive to getting done what I need to every day but its only 16 days…. the dishes can wait:) I am the worst person, though , for getting nervous for the competitors… my hands sweat and I can hardly stand it when it is going on, but it is perfect for me with the time change as it is, because  when I  wake up in the morning, I check the news online and already know the outcomes, and then I can go ahead and watch without the nerves. Lame, hey? I could never take that kind of pressure. Yeesh. Anyhoooo – off to turn on the tv for a bit and catch up. Below is a drawing I was fiddling with…. wanted to try water or clouds… need more practise  – laters