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My right brain playground – it’s Friday!

This week seems to have been the longest for some reason….the sun came out, the air warmed a bit and it’s feeling like spring just might be around the corner, but even with all of those things, I still felt my week dragging as though there were nothing but grey clouds hovering over. Obviously must be something other than the weather bringing me down, but I haven’t put my finger on it. I have been happily watching the Olympics and enjoying all of the athletes’ stories. I got to catch up with a friend over a latte this week, and even dragged myself out for a workout or three……  but when I say draggedI mean dragged. I baked cookies, made soup, drew a picture, played the piano… sounds pretty good actually.( I don’t need to mention the countless loads of laundry, dishes and cleaning up after people, getting groceries and driving to and from activities in there, do I? That’s just a given.) Maybe I need a glass of wine to go with all of that and that could make the difference!!! BUT, it is FRIDAY, and I do love Fridays. Oh yeah, and it’s Valentine’s Day!!!!!! Oops… I forgot. We are heading up to the ski hill tonight so looks like Valentines night will consist of wine and Downton Abbey. Good enough:)

A lady came by to pick up a chair that I was selling on Castanet today and asked me if she could buy one of my paintings!! HA! I tried to not act too shocked, but she bought it:) I didn’t charge nearly enough for the hours it took me but ……and I am giving a picture to a fundraiser for a dance school today so hopefully someone will like that….

here’s a bit of what I’ve been playing with: