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Patio Season in Kelowna

If you’ve read my blog at all, you’ve probably seen a post or ten about how I love to sit out on my patio and read in the summer mornings. It is one of my favourite places to be and I could easily lose a few hours there if I wasn’t careful. We’ve created a serene, comfortable atmosphere that seduces us to the outdoors, and if I could, I would sit there all year long. Damn winter.

I definitely do love living in a place where we have seasons. As one passes on to the next I feel rejuvenated and anticipate what is to come, as if never having experienced it before. Even knowing this, I never want summer to end once I’m immersed in it.

We’ve got company staying with us for most of July and so far we have spent a good many hours out on the patio, lighting our new firetable as the sun goes down sitting, mesmerized by the flames. Here’s to summer and simple relaxation. A good match. Oh, and did I mention wine? Wine should be mentioned.

So here’s to summer, relaxation and wine. May we all enjoy each one!!