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Throw me a life vest- I’m drowning

Drowning in a pool of social media, I mean.  My hubby said to me the other week that I was addicted to my iphone. WHAT???? How could he say that?? I vehemently denied any such thing, but took to heart what he said and paid a little closer attention to when and why I had to look at my phone the last little while.  While I do not think “addicted” is necessarily the right word, I am a little “in love” with it. More “love-hate” actually, if I think about it. I mean, number one, it is the first thing I see in the morning (sad, yes – should be my hubby’s handsome face – but he’s off to work, or I’m off to yoga early so unless it is a weekend morning, my phone is the first thing I see).

Number two, I can be planning a productive day of housework, painting, yard work, whatever it may be, and I can sit down, pick up my phone and peruse the thing endlessly, wasting precious hours. Sigh. It’s killing my creativity, my drive, my motivation. Harsh? I don’t think so. I seriously have narrowed it down to this damn phone (I don’t mean it, I really love you) and think I should step away (i hate you, damn phone!) (NO, I didn’t mean that!) (yes, I did!)

Maybe I should freeze it in a block of ice like a credit card.

Anyone have these same issues? I  must admit, I think I am pretty good when I am out with friends. At lunch, for instance I don’t take my phone out and ignore my company. That’s just RUDE and I do know people that do it. I try hard to keep my daughter from that same habit as well. It’s when I am home, usually alone, that I indulge in the social media, and get lost in something or other online. Not always social media, mind you, as that can get so boring and saturated with such crap that my mind is dulling as I read it, but from there I can find other things to do instead of getting out, doing something productive or creative.

My phone, does not, however, keep me from going to the gym, yoga, reading or out to a social event. Perhaps I am not a goner just yet. Please come check on me if you don’t see me around every now and then.

I started a casual job last week back at the lab where I worked a few years ago and my phone has to be in my purse, put safely away and turned off or to silent. For 4 hours, I was unable to look at it ( made sure my sitter had a number to reach me in case Ben had a seizure) and it was freeing. Seriously. I may have to come up with some kind of schedule – any ideas?

Look, I love being social, love hearing from friends on facebook and instagram – I think it is a great way to keep in contact with friends and family all over the world – amazing really, in a lot of ways. But lately, it’s zapping my energy. I may be addicted.

There, I’ve said it. I’ve taken the first step. Help me.

SIGH…… its time to get off off this damn iPad, too. I am sitting outside, it is starting to rain just a little, I’ve finished my latte, and now I am going to do laundry, and start a large painting that I have been putting off for awhile. My phone is going on silent and I’m going to get some things done today.  My life is calling. I think I should pick up.