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Dogfood, granola and stuff

I spent a few hours yesterday in the kitchen, throwing together a batch of my favourite granola as well as  cooking my dog’s food (yep… I cook their food) They are spoiled rotten and I only do so because one of them (Piper) will literally not eat for days with any other food I have tried. Ugghhh. Because there are two of them, I have to do it about every two weeks and all I can say is that they are lucky I like them. Leo would eat the arse end of anything, if it was up to him, but Piper is delicate…she’s a lady.

The granola is a recipe from a bed and breakfast that Gary and I got to stay at a few years back. I asked the owner PLEASE share the recipe, and he did. Not a “recipe – sharebaby”….. they do exist. Perhaps you have heard of them, or even know one? I do. I have asked for certain recipes over and over and over again, but to no avail. Always the answer… “sure, no problem”  but years (years) later… still no recipe. Ah, well. Small potatoes, really. I share recipes whether you want ’em or not. Just deal with it.

The Okanagan weather has been unusually hot this past week and is to cool down for tomorrow… a bit of a blessing as Ben’s grade 2 class gets to attend the Children’s Fat Cat Festival, and my Benny can’t take the heat. He gets all funny when it is hot out… seems to bring on seizures so we don’t spend alot of time outside with him on hotter than heck days like this past week.

Still loving the yoga… finished my 30 day challenge … I think I made 26 out of 30 days and that’s not bad, for having had strep throat twice in that said 30 days! I am feeling good now (knock, knock) and am keeping up with yoga practise about 4-5 times a week. I have even started to go at 6 am. I thought it might be a nice time to go during the summer. You can bet that won’t last once it is dark outside at 5:30 am. But for now, it’s working.

Here is a link to my granola recipe ( not really mine, I shouldn’t take the credit…..) Try it out if you’re a lover of granola and throw in your own twist.