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Music -warms my heart

I feel like it’s been summer for months here. The weather has been great (with the exception of the 4 days of rain you experienced, Liz, while visiting- seriously, almost never happens!) When this time of year comes around, the kids’ minds are already on summer holidays and I think that most of us parents are on that same track . Everyone stays up a little later, enjoying the added hours of sunlight, the wine on the patio becomes a little more frequent, after school hanging out with friends starts happening every day, not just every few days,  weekend getaways are planned and it is just plain busy!

I’m not complaining. I can’t wait til school is out. Why? Not sure really. I plan on getting up early all summer to enjoy those quiet early hours. I won’t have as much “free” time, with the kids not in school. It must be because I won’t have to make lunches. Really? That’s what it comes down to? Hmmmmm…. no, there’s more to it than that … maybe the ease of no routine for a couple of months regardless of the endless duties that come with having your kidlets home full time. Sure, let’s call it that. Whatever the case…. it’s more than welcome.

Gary and I went to Vancouver this past weekend sans kids (one of our getaways!)  and saw Andrea Bocelli in concert. WOW. and FABULOUS. What a voice. Even if you can’t appreciate his type of music, one must appreciate his voice. He is flawless and beautiful. I was in awe. Not to mention the other talents that he had performing with him at this concert. All were amazing, making this one of the highest calibre concerts I think I have ever attended. I soooo love music, from Eminem to Andrea Bocelli, and between. I can usually appreciate most of it, with the strong exception of anything “screamo” (hey Danielle?) I won’t go so far as to say it topped my Aerosmith and Steven Tyler experience… how could that ever happen?? BUT if we’re talking a voice of an angel, well, the grammy might have to go to Andrea.

And with that being said, I will throw in a little picture of my Stevie experience. We will be reuniting in a few weeks here in Kelowna when Aerosmith takes to the stage again – dream on:)