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Holy Guacamole !

My computer is going to the doctor today. She (yes, she…. she’s pretty and I love her) has been acting very strangely these past few weeks, and although I can start ‘er up in safe mode, and tend to the important things like bill payments and Pinterest (ha!), it’s time to have her looked at and cross my fingers that she won’t be going to computer heaven anytime soon. Fortunately, we have umpteen other electronic devices to get us through with this absence ….. I’m not even going count, but pretty sure we’ll be OK.

My birthday and our anniversary came and went over the last weekend. 17 years married, and I only turned 29 again… wt%….???? That can’t be right… but I counted and recounted…… hmmmm. Facebook does wonders for keeping track of birthdays and I thank everyone who took the time to send thoughts our way. We had a great day – breakfast out, gardening in the afternoon sun, dinner and drinks. Perfect really. And in bed by 9:30. You know its good. Just admit it.

So with the summer coming in, I made my favourite guacamole dip and thought I’d share it with you if you happen to be in the mood for trying out another recipe. It’s my favourite to date. I’m not sure where I found this one – probably online somewhere – but its tried and tasty! CLICK HERE for the recipe…..