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Miley no more

I’m sitting in a coffee shop next door to my hair dresser’s salon. I have a appt to de-platinum-ize my hair. It has been a week since the shocking ( to me) hair dye job and I promised I would give it a week, but the other day while waiting in line at the grocery store I saw a picture on a magazine of Miley and she had my hair…. Or I had hers- and I desperately wanted to give it back! Not to say it hasn’t mellowed and I haven’t gotten more used to it, but when you are avoiding going out without a hat, well, maybe it’s just not you, ya know? So I’m on my way to get it toned down to a little more natural blonde- wish me luck . I love my hairdresser by the way. He rocks and usually I let him do what he likes but I may have mislead him this time….. Not his fault – just poor communication. So I’m going in…… Later:)