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Zucchini Chips – or not

Lately, I’ve been seeing recipes online that I’ve taken note of and decided once I got the time, that I would give them a try… of these recipes that I thought I would really enjoy was Zucchini Chips.
I know, you’d have to really like zucchini to want to try it, I suppose, but lately I am loving the veggies so I thought, why not? I followed the recipe, and I was hungry as well, so really looking forward to those crisp, salty little snacks.
And 30 minutes later, I sat down to eat my little bowl of some soggy, some burnt to a crisp zucchini. How utterly disappointed I was that they did not turn out to even remotely resemble the picture that represented them. Maybe some of you have tips for me on this one, because I think I would love them if I could batter and deep fry them……sigh.
Have any of you tried out some good looking recipes that have been floating around online? If so, I’d love to hear about them, tried and tested! I am not stopping here, though, with this first disaster. I will push through and try some more…… oh and don’t pay too much attention to my burnt pizza pan either….. it’s hideous. Somebody help me.