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Looking up

The last time we chatted, I was hopeful we would not end up in emerg again…. that was not to be the case as the seizures kept coming and I had to call the ambulance. But, as luck would have it (looking at the bright side) we got to the emerg department and Ben stopped having cluster seizures and fell fast asleep for a few hours. The hardest part with these clusters is not knowing when a seizure is over and he will be good… the decision to call the ambulance is the hardest one, but even when he fell fast asleep in the department, it was a relief to know that if he woke up seizing, he could get immediate help. So we were in the right place. We were lucky enough not to be admitted this time and got home around 7 pm. And he’s been a happy camper ever since. I, on the other hand, am more miserable, lol. Usually after these episodes I feel quite stressed out for a few days until everything gets back to normal. I must say though, the outpouring of concern and well wishes from so many people is so appreciated. Thank you all:)

Luckily, this week, I had a couple of distractions to get me through feeling sorry for myself……. an old (but really still very very young:) friend and her husband are in town for a family reunion and not only was i lucky enough to visit once, but twice, while they were busy doing all of the things you do while on vacation in Kelowna. We went out for dinner at a french restaurant and then ended the evening with a nightcap at the Cactus Club, perfect weather and great company. It is so amazing how you can not see someone for many years and feel like nothing has changed…. facebook is good for that, I suppose. Of course, much has changed in both of our lives but she is still that same girl who always made me laugh, and who is genuinely a sweetheart. And a great husband who clearly adores her as well. It was nice to catch up.

Another thing that has lifted my spirits this week was sourcing out a studio space to paint in. Ever since moving downtown I have been painting one day a week at a friend’s studio in Glenrosa. It is less convenient than my home studio was, but nice to have the company. He has since sold his home and I will have to move all of my supplies elsewhere. I think I have found the place and am quite excited to get in there and get at it again. The space has 3 other resident artists at the moment and is a cute little spot. I hope to make myself at home there soon!

That’s about it in old Kelowna town. It’s been hot. It’s been a bit smokey. It’s busy and bustling. I do love the summer here.