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A Day in the life….

There were three colourful Adirondack chairs placed strategically along the boardwalk downtown Kelowna the other night while I was out walking. I immediately made a plan to get myself out of bed early the next morning, grab an Italian coffee from down the street and plant my ass there for at least an hour before anyone in my house was even thinking about waking up. And so that is what I proceeded to do, all good so far, until I arrived at my destination and the chairs were nowhere to be found. Ugh. I realized they must take them away overnight to keep them from being stolen or abused….. nevertheless, I planted myself by the water, on the boardwalk, and watched the other early rising souls enjoy their mornings. There were a few biking, a few out walking, and one or two sat down at one of the many pianos scattered throughout our parks and serenaded the rest of us. I love mornings. As hard as it can be to get out of bed early, it is my absolute favourite time of the day. Coffee helps, and of course, is recommended:)

the yacht club marina

Last night, we were making our way to see Yukon Blonde and The Bahamas entertain at the Island Stage (an outdoor stage down by the Dolphins). It was just beginning to cool down from a high 30 something day and was sure to be a perfect evening for a concert….. one would have thought….. the lightning and rain pretty much came on as soon as we arrived to sit down and the bands ended up having to cancel. It was pretty disappointing as it was a warm beautiful setting until this point. But what a light show! The lightning was spectacular although unfortunately sparked many fires around the area.

As I sit writing this now, the smoke from these said blazes is making its way across the skies. It is another hot one out there today and is meant to be all week, with no rain that I know of in the forecast. Hoping the winds stay calm at the very least and that our summer doesn’t end up like last year, two months of hazy skies.

I spent a little time today nourishing my soul. I ran with a friend in the morning. We had an iced coffee afterward (already high 20’s). I nourished the old bod with a green salad for lunch and did a little more editing of Italy photos in the hope that I might one day have them in an album to enjoy or even printed and on a wall before we head off for our 30th anniversary….. heading out for a walk in a bit… hubby is golfing, Jordan working, and Ben and I free to spend our evening as we please……a walk sounds like a lovely plan.

Oh yeah, and if you’re looking to make a spectacle of yourself, just spoon feed your special needs boy some chocolate gelato in 30 degree weather while wearing a white shirt and surrounded by tourists galore…….yep. We looked GOOD:)