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Rockin’ the downtown lifestyle (for now)

We have been living in downtown Kelowna since the spring after selling our house. Our rented furnished condo suits us fine as a temporary home… with an awesome coffee shop just below on the ground level (which we frequent fairly often) and within blocks from the many waterfront restaurants and shops, walkways and pubs. The four of us are in much closer quarters these days as the shift from a house and big yard to a 2+ bedroom condo brings along with it the obvious challenges.  All of us were very willing and enthusiastic about trying out the downtown lifestyle while we were in the process of building our new house, and so far we are all enjoying the changes that it has brought. Sure, we only have one parking stall which means being on top of planning our parking each day, and so far we haven’t had one ticket, so I’d call that a success! On the upside, we walk so much more (to get groceries, walk the dogs, go for lunch, coffee, a run) everyday, and it is super handy to run down to our Pharmasave when we need to do a little “work”. Also Jordan can walk to work at the Cactus Club so Gary and I are feeing less and less like chauffeurs these days. The biggest and probably most obvious welcome change, though, has been the lack of yard work. When the weekends come along, we are no longer mowing the grass, picking the cherries, pruning the trees, weeding the flowerbeds…..we are looking at each other wondering what the heck we should do today???? Hmmmm …. housework? Yep, check.. all done in about an hour. Now what? Well heck, why not lunch? Or the beach? Or a walk by the lake? Golf, you say? Wow, this new found “time” we are experiencing has been a real treat. As with every upside there is a downside, and that would be the loss of a beautiful view and patio in which we did spend a lot of time in our little condo, the patio faces a parking lot, lol, so not quite the same pull to stay home and sit on it…. so out we go. Seems like the way, downtown…… it feels surprisingly freeing to no longer own a house. To be in limbo. To have a number of possibilities at our fingertips. We have chosen to delay the start of our build, to take the summer off and really enjoy our time together as a family, something we had been needing and craving. This little adventure seems to be just the right thing, right now, at this moment. Funny how things do just work out like they should.

Adding to the many changes in the past few months, Gary and I got away on a trip to Italy to celebrate our 20th anniversary. It had been the first trip for that amount of time (over 2 weeks) that we have taken since our honeymoon, just the two of us. The two of us…..amazed how easy it was to slip into holiday mode ….more posts about Italy to follow…. but I’ll leave you with a little taste of Venice, our first stop…..

Venice, Italy 2018