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My bucket list, in reverse……

I guess it is a big year for me…. that’s what some people say. My dad, for instance, tells me when he sees me that I’m getting old now…. nowas if once this birthday comes along, I will officially BE old. Hmmpphhff. I can’t quite get my head around it.

Gary tells me you’re only as old as the one you’re feeling…. hell, that makes me even older! I can’t say I feel any older, physically, other than sometimes it actually pains me a little to get outta bed…… I blame this on working with the weights too hard at the gym, but maybe, just maybe, I am not recovering like I used to….

and I guess I am content to stay at home more than I have ever been. I enjoy my quiet when I can get it. I just had 10 days while Gary was up at Big White on a ski holiday with his Scottish buddies and I lathered in the silence that surrounded me when the kids were at school and it was just me and my thoughts. Also, I love going to bed. I seriously don’t know if I could count the number of times I repeat that phrase at night. I love going to bed. Ahhhh.

I see my mom in the mirror more and more when I glance at one (which, unless I am getting ready to go out where people might actually see me, the mirror gets two seconds of my time). I can remember spending so much time as a teenager and even in my early twenties in front of a mirror, making sure things were just so. Oh, I remember when that mattered:) I have a teenage daughter so it takes me back.

I feel privileged to be this OLD. So there. In fact, I think about all of the things that I have done over my lifetime, and all of the great memories, and my only regret is that the older I get, the less adventuresome I am, so my Bucket List is likely not going to alarm anyone. I am going to start working on that, but for now I will list some of the things on my reverse bucket list, things I have done that I remember fondly:



  • i ran two marathons, and plenty of half marathons
  • i competed in a National event and won silver (do I need to tell you what one?) Ok, Aerobics, lol, but it was fun, it really was.
  • i travelled for 6 months on my own to Australia, New Zealand , Fiji, and Hawaii
  • i parasailed in Mexico
  • i painted a picture of Steven Tyler and he signed it, by God, yes he DID! ( look here, around  the 6:00 mark)
  • i married a Scottish fella (that is probably my biggest adventure, to date)
  • i climbed a glacier
  • i honeymooned in Greece
  • i bought a sailboat and learned to sail
  • i went on the G$%^D$#^  Zipper at the fair !!!!!!!!
  • I swam with wild spinner dolphins in the Cook Strait (New Zealand)

Ok, so I said I wasn’t that adventurous of a gal, so all of these things are pretty tame, and my Bucket List for the future won’t be full of crazy things that scare me. Nope, only things that bring me joy and peace. I don’t need any adrenalin rushes, thanks.

How about you guys? Any great ideas for my Bucket List? NO, Colleen, Graeme and Tanya, I am NOT bungee jumping, skydiving, or cliff jumping. Just saying. But i loved watching you guys do it!