Sugar and spice and everything nice……..

that’s what little girls are made of… or not. I just had a lengthy conversation with an acquaintance  ( a mother of a friend of Jordan’s) who is having some issues with some girls in school treating her child poorly. She wondered if the same thing was going on with Jordan and I told her that yes, in fact, we had gone through something very similar in the past with a particular girl, but that Jordan has figured it out and it is no longer a problem. Why are kids mean? It can’t possibly make you feel better to treat someone who you consider a friend, poorly, can it? I mean, your husband is a whole different thing……….. just kidding:) I am happy to see that Jordan has figured out how to deal with this individual and I think it has been a valuable lesson for her. It has strengthened her character and self esteem. But a hard lesson, even so……

we have been out of our routine this week because 11 of Gary’s friends from Scotland have come over for a ski trip and we have all been up at Big White. It has been a lot of fun… they are crazy fellas, but Gary will most certainly need a holiday when he gets home!

as I have mentioned , I have been spending quite a lot of time doing a few different types of art, trying to figure out which medium I  like the best, and which one gets me the results I am looking for. I took a little airbrush class about a year ago, and had not done any since because I didn’t really have a good place to set up everything. I picked up the airbrush, got myself a little baby compressor and got going at it again last week….. I really like this medium …….but there is certainly a downside…. I have to wear a respirator mask because breathing in any particulates from the paints can be pretty bad. So it’s not pretty, but fun……. below is the first thing I’ve done since I’ve picked up the brush again, and although it is pretty rough, there is potential to be able to paint with realism with a lot more practise, and I am drawn to the details…….


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