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Age appropriate? – Kelowna Photography

Last night Gary, Jordan and I started watching a movie on TV called “The Lovely Bones”. I had read the book years ago and remember liking it but couldn’t exactly recall it. As we got about 45 minutes into it, I was questioning whether Jordan should watch it or not. She just turned 12 and said that it wouldn’t bother her and she was quite interested in the creepy premise. I told her she could read the book but made her quit watching because I felt it was even a bit creepy for me. I remember back to when I was 12 and I feel like I probably watched worse things than that, and was into scary movies by then. She seems to be going into that phase right now so I’m a bit befuddled on how to decide which movies are good, bad, or other…..I found the book for her and she seemed happy enough about that. I ‘m glad as I don’t really know if she needs the visual of the movie…..yet.

I was 12 once. Sigh.

On the arty front, I had a photo shoot on Sunday for a hair salon entering into a competition and it was great to take pictures of the girls all dolled up with fancy hair. Unfortunately I can’t post any photos until the competition is over sometime in May. I spent a few hours working on a fun and funky flower picture with acrylic glazing (poor picture – nice and blurry due to iPhone rez -#dontyouhaveanexpensiveprocamera?) but here it is anyway for those who might be interested.

photo copy 4