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How did I miss it?


Yesterday was the first of May. Some of you who know me already know what that means. Yeah….. it means the start of outdoor activities ( I won’t mention which ones… this is a family blog.)

But every first of May, I am reminded of the poem that went back and forth between my mom and her best friend for years. I’m pretty sure I wrote about it last year here, if you want to read the poem.  It’s silly but we all get a laugh and remember the two beautiful friends who shared much laughter and love while they were alive.

The month of May is the month when I do alot of thinking about my mom. It is the month of Mother’s Day, of course. It is the month of my own birthday. It is the month of my son’s birthday whom she would have loved if she were here to meet him. It is the month she was diagnosed with her illness as well as the month she left us. It’s a biggie, in good ways and bad.

I’m not gonna get all sad and sappy on ya here…. just thinking and remembering and knowing many others are as well.

Have a fabulous spring day!!