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Yoga Challenge Day 8

Sheesh… it’s been a week since I started my Yoga challenge or posted anything on this blog. Did you think I died? Well, about Day 4, I thought I might. I was very dehydrated from all of the hot yoga and even though I felt like I drank plenty of water, obviously it was not enough. I had slight headaches for a couple of days and just felt a bit out of sorts. I think I have that all figured out now and am looking forward to 22 more days. Who’s counting?

I was asked this morning if the challenge had me feeling any differently in my body or mind. I had to have a good think about whether my body felt different. I mean, yes, soreness in areas like my calves and noticeable tiredness in my shoulders when performing some of the poses daily, but overall I feel physically good. Mentally, though, I have been quite emotional. Is that weird, you yogis out there? I mean, after or even during a class when the instructor is speaking, I can find myself getting kinda teary about nothing. I can read something later in the day, or even on Facebook, and tear up. What???? Maybe it isn’t yoga at all, but it started around the same time. Maybe I’m just tired… maybe it’s hormones. maybe maybe maybe… whatever.

Finally finished this airbrush painting ….. now to find motivation to get onto the next project (Kathy, you’re next).


Small rant – I hate when things get posted on Facebook and they say things like “if you don’t repost this, you don’t have a heart”

I hate that shit. Just saying. So I NEVER repost. I’m heartless.

so there.