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I’m just blogging along, singing my song…..


I am blogging from our local coffee shop this morning. I thought it might be nice to be out and about before I head home to the usual things that I have planned for my day. It is a sunny warm morning and I would rather be heading out to meet a friend for lunch or go shopping or really anything other than going home to pay the tax bill and put away the laundry, but, alas, it needs done and who else to do it?

An old friend I met while travelling in New Zealand some 18 years ago (she is from Australia) is going to be coming to visit us in June. I am excited to see her and repay some of the kindness that her family showed to me when I slept at their house in Brisbane off and on, and left some of my belongings while taking off for excursions here and there…. those were good times and sometimes I feel like I would love to take off and travel alone for a few months again. I know I would miss everyone like crazy and realistically it won’t happen until my kids are grown and hopefully this time Gary would be with me…. yes… something to plan….

Gary and I had a date last night (sort of)….. it began as a work outing to the Okanagan college where we were able to taste food and wine pairings by the Culinary Arts students and then we had to vote for our favourite. There are some good chefs coming out of that place, YUM. We then headed down to the El Dorado for a couple glasses of wine on the cozy sectional overlooking the lake. It was nice to be out and I really feel like summer is on its way when we go out during the week ( and don’t just sit home and watch Netflix, lol!)

Yes, the days are getting longer and spring is definitely my favourite time of year. I’m a spring baby- maybe that’s why….. and for some reason lately have been feeling soooooooo grateful for things. We’ve had alot of shit, enough for awhile, I’d say, but no more or no worse than many many others  ( Reg, thinking of you and your family here, and sending positive thoughts) and lately I have been thinking that whatever the reason, there is something to learn. Not in the learnin’ a lesson sort of way, but learning about yourself sort of way. How strong you are, beliefs you have, things you may have thought you believed and perhaps really don’t…. surprising things, even things you might be ashamed about…. shit happens and all of a sudden you learn. Am I glad for it all? I don’t know if glad is the word that necessarily comes to mind, but there is some sort of gratefulness to have experienced and be experiencing deep, serious emotion.  What would life be without it, anyway? Right???

Holy, get more coffee and chill, lady. Kinda deep for a Thursday morning….. I don’t know what I’m talking about anyway – it’s just a wine hangover, lol! Go and enjoy your beautiful day! And be grateful for it!!!!